CMADC began with a launch event consisting of three presentations; I introduced my artistic research and its evolution to the point of CMADC; mineralogist Courtenay Smale spoke of the value of the close observation and handling that drawing facilitates as a way to understand the more subtle differences between mineral specimens and Dr Colin French from the Cornwall Botanical Group (CBG) discussed how the most effective plant identification guides still use drawings to illustrate the descriptive text. French supported this preference by saying ‘This is very difficult to do with photographs and I have yet to see a wild flower guide that has successfully used photographs for this purpose’ (French, 2015, personal communication). French then explained the ‘ERICA’ (French, 2010) database he has developed for recording plant species found in the British Isles and emphasised the value of drawn rather than photographic records. He concluded by connecting with the Isomorphology project, arguing for its potential to become integrated into current data collection practices in the field.

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The launch event can be viewed below
Drawing Workshops

The maximum capacity for each workshop was set at fourteen participants. Fees were set to be affordable at £15 full rate and £10 concession, to offer the workshops to a wide audience. All workshops ran from eleven am until four pm.

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